Occupational Health

We believe every corporate is unique work culture so why same health checkup or wellness program? Hence we customize the health check/wellness program as per your esteemed organization, which will give you an accurate picture of your organizational health & help you plot your progress thereon.

Our health experts meet you in-person and device the most accurate customized occupational health packages that suites your organization’s culture and schedules.

Amongst the industry, we ensure you that our occupational health checkup packages have the most competitive price.

In 2010, a study conducted by the ‘Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India’,

Indian corporations report absenteeism rates are as high as 20%, meaning one in five calls in sick for various reasons

Healthcare would cost a company approximately 0.28% of its total income every year, Lifestyle diseases cost a company an approximate 3.83% of its total income.

  • Pre-Employment Check Up
  • Annual Medical Checkup
    • Onsite Checkups
    • Factory Checkup
    • Preventive Health Screenings
    • Pre-placement medical examinations
    • Executive physical examinations
    • Return to work examinations
    • Fitness for duty examinations
    • Respiratory clearance examinations
    • Cardiac clearance examinations
    • Immigration examinations
    • Audiometric/Hearing conservation screening
    • Diagnostic imaging (X-Ray, USG)
    • Electrocardiograms& Stress tests
    • 24hr Blood Pressure Monitoring for High Risk Individuals
    • Laboratory blood testing
    • Heavy metal exposure screen
    • Spirometry
    • PPD skin test
    • Vision screening
    • Dental examinations