Time To Have Special Talent Management Cell

Admit it – we are living in the times where mobile devices have got smarter than human resources. You may blame it on the increasing exposure to smarter apps, sophisticated mobile phones and all else, but the fact is impact of all that is visible the other way out. Eventually, HR functions are on a constant lookout for talents!

It goes without saying here that spotting the right type of talent for business is already a challenge for every HR function today. But much more than it has got even more challenging for human resource departments to retain talented individuals looking to the vast number of opportunities. Put right, this is also the time for every enterprise to have a Special Talent Management Cell in-house.

Role of this Special Cell for Talent Management

A well defined role for this special cell is direly essential for companies today. Process of talent identification begins quite early, right when resumes are getting scrutinized at the entry level. Soon after the candidate finds his or her place and is recruited, the talent has to be handed over to the special cell.

Hereon, the role of talent management cell begins and it goes on in multiple ways. Keeping a close eye on the individuals day to day activities, looking at his or her performance from a business centric perspective and helping the person grow in his or her area of responsibility are some of the core responsibility expected from this cell.

Nurturing the talent

Every seed needs to be watered and nurtured so as to develop into a tree that provides yield. It is so in case of talents too. Just as talent acquisition is significant, talent management too is – and therefore, nurturing the talents’ adequate growth is another prime function of the special cell.

Firstly, it is important for the supervisors in this cell to see that the identified talent is having enough exposure to the company’s resources. In addition, they also have to check if opportunities are amply reaching him / her. This is the only way talents can grow and practically diversify their knowledge.

In a nutshell, while the role of HR recruitment firms and interviewing members of the HR teams is important in spotting and bringing in the best talents, talent retention is possible only through a dedicated approach. And the special talent management cell can make sure that the organization’s broader objective is met in the right spirits.

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