Employee Health Wellness

For every institution their assets are core important factors that signify the wealth & prosperity of those institutions. It could be land, machinery and employees.

Employees are the best assets of any institutions and to keep the daily activities the healthiness of the personnel needs to be in shape. Many employers have been invested in wellness programs and they have been popular among employees too.

Employee health wellness programs can include a selection of health-related products & healthcare services, from lifestyle coaching to vaccinations to weight loss efforts. According to one health specialized blog, 80% of employees across the India find wellness programs appealing.


  • Health risks are an impending cost to the company
  • Loss of man-hours but also Costs arising out of medical treatment for employees
  • Absenteeism & productivity are tied to health problems
  • Health problems lower productivity which lead to increase in absenteeism
  • Easier and cheaper to keep healthy people healthy
  • Prevention is less expensive than the treating ailments
  • Save financial resources and employees from physical and psychological stress
  • Even small improvement in fitness levels can produce results
  • Better fitness levels affect productivity and performance positively


Fulcrum is corporate wellness and healthcare consultant; we not only provide the healthcare facility but also collaborate employees to company’s growth. As we believe in ROI, We know What to required, who is required, when to required, why to required and what return is required.



  • Holistic Wellness Program Components
  • Occupational Health
    • Pre-Employment Check Up
    • Annual/Routine Medical Checkup
      • Onsite Checkups
      • Factory Checkup
      • Preventive Health Screenings
    • Health Talks
      • Corporate workshops
      • Life Style & Health Awareness
    • Corporate Medical Room Management
    • Vaccines and Immunizations
    • Drug and alcohol Screening
    • Students Wellness care
    • Corporate Medical Division Design and Process Management