Corporate Medical Room Management

The presence of a doctor within the premises will help employees raise pressing health concerns on time. It will also aid in ensuring that high-risk employees are mentored on a weekly basis by transforming their harmful habits into a healthy lifestyle. This will helps employee to avoid taking leaves due to sickness or for doctor’s appointment and unnecessary spending money just for the uneasiness.


  • Physician on Duty All Hours of Operation
  • Treatment of Job Related Injuries
  • Emergency Medical Services & Appropriate Referrals
  • Case Management& Monthly reporting by Occupational Medicine Specialists
  • Specialist visits & referrals
  • Monthly basic laboratory services (based on demand)on site
  • Periodical diagnostic investigations- on basis of regular doctors observation
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services
  • Exposure Evaluations by Occupational Medicine specialists
  • Stress Management Clinic